GLOBAL TAX SERVICES has a team of dedicated tax professionals who can prepare tax returns for individual taxpayers and small business owners to adhere to the guidelines in the USA tax law.

Our team has researched both the US and Indian tax laws and tax treaty agreements which enables us to serve our NRI/OCI clients in a proficient manner and with compliance to taxation rules of US and India.

We partner with CPAs and Tax preparation firms in the US to provide these quality and cost effective tax preparation services, allowing the partner to handle larger volumes during peak tax season.

US Taxes

Citizens and Smaller Businesses who need to file USA Federal and State Tax Returns, and also include global income

Prices: US Taxes: Starting at $ 249

OCI Taxes

Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) living in India with tax obligations, both, in country of citizenship and in country of Residence

Prices: US & India Taxes: Starting at $ 399

NRI Taxes

Non Resident Indians (NRI) who need to file taxes in India for Indian Income, in addition to tax returns where they live

Prices: India Taxes: Starting at $ 199

Why Choose MYiTAXES?

Virtual Support

A dedicated tax advisor assists you with your returns and tax queries through virtual technology, globally.

No Worries

Global income needs to be reported and adjusted for credit and our tax advisor understand how it’s done.

100% Accuracy

Our 2 step review process, ensures that your returns are accurate per the information provided by you. 

Tax Professional

Our CAs / CPAs, qualified professional are well versed with tax rules and with dual taxation for India and U.S.

Happy Clients

With decades of tax experience, we ensure customer satisfaction by minimizing tax liabilities.  


Who is required  to file USA tax returns?

U.S citizen, Green cardholder or a resident alien irrespective of where you live for the year under assessment, is required to file the U.S tax return if person meets the minimum income requirements or have any taxes withheld by the payer. A person performing his services in the U.S or having income from other sources such as real estate will fall under the U.S tax filing bracket.  

Is a NRI required to file taxes in India?

A non-resident needs to file tax return in India in case he meets any of the criteria below:

  • Total income earned is more than the basic exemption limit
  • To claim a refund from income tax department
  • In case of a loss that you need to carry forward or in order to set-off gains
  • Income from long or short term capital gains; or on an account of sale of assets/investments irrespective of the gain amount.

 Who is a NRI for taxation?  

Non-Resident Indian is a person residing outside India who is:

  • Either a citizen of India or,
  • A person of Indian origin

 It is possible to file returns without being physically present? provides a one stop solution for all your tax matters and supports you in all related processes.    

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